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The Box Store

Everything you need for shipping, packing, moving, and more.

What We Do

The Box Store has all you need to pack and ship whatever you need, with a variety of boxes and containers all under one roof. We even have boxes for specialty items like guitars, sports equipment, fragile items, and more.

We can help you pack and ship your items, and receive packages securely.


As one of the largest moving companies, FlatRate has seen this increasing demand first-hand. We recognize the need for accessible and affordable packing and shipping services and The Box Store was designed with those needs in mind.

At The Box Store, you’ll find everything you need to make your life easier including personal mailboxes, shipping and receiving, professional packing services, and much more.


Quality Products 

Top-to-bottom excellence.

For reliable packing supplies, our massive inventory will provide exactly what you need, every time.

Worldwide Shipping

From anywhere to anywhere

With simple, safe shipping, you can rest easy knowing you put your trust in the right people for the job.

Specialized services

Far more than boxes

With professional meeting rooms, mailbox rentals, bike shipping and more, The Box Store will fulfil your business and personal needs every time.

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