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Packing Services

We can professionally pack any special items you have, making sure they stay safe while in transit. The Box Store packing services suit all kinds of items, from everyday objects all the way to musical instruments, bicycles and other sports equipment, and fine artwork. There is a technique for each of these, and we know them all, so you won’t worry about mishaps in transit. Everything will arrive safely.


Contact us today to schedule packing services at the Box Store or at your home. We will get you ready for your moving day, and can pack any items you like. Our experts can work around your scheduling, and we’re ready to jump in to help you get everything all boxed up.

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Packing À La Carte

Non Fragile Boxes

  • Non Fragile Small Box $15
  • Non Fragile Medium Box $20
  • Non Fragile Large Box $30
  • Non Fragile Extra Large $50

Fragile Box

  • Fragile Small Box $25
  • Fragile Medium Box $35
  • Fragile Large Box $45
  • Fragile Extra Large Box $60

Art/Mirror Packing

  • Small Frame $30
  • Medium Frame $50
  • Large Frame $70
  • XL Frame $80


We have a box to suit any item you can think of. Our boxes are strong and can stand up to any kind of moving need you have. We have a box for everything in your life: Clothing? Yes. Dishes? Of course. Bicycles? Those too. That’s why we’re the Box Store.

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