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Artwork/Mirror boxes

Guitar Box - 20"x8"x50"

Item Number: 194882126443


Extra-strength and edge protection for guitars, with full-overlap flaps. Size: 20"x8"x50" inches; 4.63cf


Full-overlap flaps provide extra stacking strength and edge protection for your guitar. Designed for perfect for packing and edge protection for your guitar, this box can also be used for clothing, and your other home essentials. Great for stacking. Size: 20"x8"x50" 4.63cf

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2 PC Telescopic Art Box - 30"x6"x24-40"

Art boxes are perfect for frames, mirrors, prints with backing, etc. can also be used for computer monitors and TVs. Size: 30"x6"x24-40" inches; 2.5cf


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Crib Mattress Box - 26 1/4"x8"x52"

This box will allow you to pack your crib mattress clean and dry. Size: 26 1/4"x8"x52" cf 6.26


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Bikeflight Box Medium

Our BIKEFLIGHT Box will ensure that you are safely shipping and receiving your bike. Size: 45 x 12x 29 cf 9


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Small Carrying Case Box - 18"x11"x4"

Brief case . Size: 18"x11"x4" cf .4


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Large Carrying Case Box - 26"X16"X12"

Brief case. Size: 26"X16" X12" cf 2.8


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2 pc Telescopic Ski Box - 10"x6"x57"-108"

Our Telescopic Ski box is great for skis. Size:  10"x6"x57"-108"


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Small Moving Box - 16" x 12 1/4" x12 5/8"

The Small Moving box is great for shipping or stoing smaller, dense and heavy household items. Size: 16" x 12 1/4" x12 5/8" c.f 1.5


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Lamp Box - 12"x12"x41"

The Lamp Box is ideal for moving, storing, and shipping a variety of tall or oddly-shaped items . Size: 12"x12"x41" cf 3.4


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Medium Moving Box - 18"x18"x16"

Our medium moving box is ideal for moving, storing or shipping household items. Size:  18"x18"x16" c.f 3.1


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Picture Bin Box - 42"x12"x40"

The picture bin is great for picture frames, paintings, mirrors. Size: 42"x12"x40" cf 11.6


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Large Moving Box - 24"x18"x18"

Our large moving box is ideal for moving, shipping or storing large, lightweight items. Size: 24"x18"x18" c.f 4.5


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China Moving Box - 18"x18"27"

The Dish Moving Kit is is designed for packing fragile items such as dishes, glassware, dinnerware, antiques, and more. Size: 18"x18"27" c.f 5.1


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Flat Screen Tv Box 55' - 55.25"X6.25"X35.25"

A box that is specifally made to fit a 55" Tv, measures 55.25"X6.25"X35.25"


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File Box - Small 12"x15"x10"

Our small filing box option. Size: 12"x15"x10" cf 1


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File Box - Large 24"x16"x10"

Attached lid flips up for quick file access. Size: 24"x16"x10" cf 2.2


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Shoe Box - 14"x8"x5"

A corrugated cardboard shoe box, great for keeping your shoes in pristine condition. Great for moving, shipping or storage. Size: 14 X 8 X 5 cf .3


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Short Wardobe Box + Bar - 24"x21"x34.5"

The shorter of our wardrobe boxes, it is great for hanging shirts, childrens clothes, and sweaters. Size: 37"x24"x21"


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Tall Wardrobe Box + Bar - 25"x21"47"

The largest of our wardrobe boxes, it is great for hanging pants, dresses, suits, and larger items. Size: 47"x25"x22"


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